Hi everyone!

I haven’t really had chance to introduce myself as Heidi has been loving life with the blog but I’ve been crazy busy at work and maybe socialising a tad as well!

So I’m Anne, hi!! I’m Heidi’s better part, obviously.

We met at uni in Leeds, I’m from Nottingham, England and Heidi is from somewhere down south, I’m still not totally sure where but shhh! Don’t tell her, Mummy¬†and Daddy Judge that, they’ll kill me. We won’t go into the story of the time where I dared to be in the same county as their house and not go visit them, I mean seriously, how rude and inconsiderate can I be?!

She’s the best, and along with Elle, our complete opposite of us best friend and future housemate, we make quite the team! On a scale of typical girl, Heidi is the ultimate girl, Elle is the total opposite and I’m at that fun little place somewhere inbetween. So we balance each other out pretty well I would say

It’s now 41 days until we fly, can you tell we are pretty excited?!

I have to say, although excited, I’m also quite apprehensive. I was the one who originally planned going to LA and then Heidi jumped on that bandwagon (I’m sure she’ll have something to say about that!!) but the reason for me going out there is to help my church. Hi, I’m a Christian! And yes I am a crazy Christian, more because I was crazy before I became a Christian!!

The story of how I decided to go to LA is a story for another day but let’s just say I hadn’t exactly planned on being in America this summer! But my church has just planted a church out there so I’m going to help.

So I’m pretty apprehensive because although my church knows I’m coming, I’m not totally sure how I will be helping out and in what capacity. That for me is a pretty big thing because I don’t know if you had gathered from the Event Management degree or anything but, I’m a planner. Just seeing- how-it-goes is not a mentality I find too easy with the big stuff! Sometimes I can be too chilled out about big stuff (as I’m sure Heidi will tell you) but other times I’m like this, pretty darn scared!

So yes, I’m VERY excited, if not for anything else¬†other than to hopefully gain some sort of tan although it is a possibility I will return from 2 and a half months in LA paler than when I left!! But I’m also pretty nervous.

I’m also determined to find Heidi a holiday romance.

And that is all!!

Lots of love,



Welcome to our pretty little dream…

Hey there!

Welcome to our pretty little dream…

We love weddings, all kinds of weddings, parties and generally excuses to spend hours scouring pinterest for inspiration or ‘research’

Studying events and working in events has its bonus’ as we can actually pass it off as research! Who knew looking at pretty parties could be classed as work?! We don’t know why it took us so long to figure it out but we are certainly not wasting our time now.

We hope that through our blog you will be able to find some inspiration, something to copy, something to run with or even just something to smile at!

We hope that we can give you a piece of your pretty little dream by sharing ours with you!

We may not go to all of these events but we love them and the creativity that is out there in the big wide world